Frequent Questions

What is Rainbow Global Wealth?
Rainbow Global Wealth is a conglomerate company incorporated in Luxembourg. Our team consists of professionals at all levels of Commodity Goods, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Assets Management and Financing. These businesses brings stable, sustainable and efficient revenue to our global customers. We have diverse businesses in different markets of the global economy, with which we make a lot of money on daily basis.
Is Rainbow Global Wealth a registered and legal company?
What is the means of payment for investing in the company?
Rainbow Global Wealth accepts bitcoin as the means of payment. The company is working hard to start accepting debit and credit cards of all countries very soon.
How can I create an investment in the company?
First, you need to create a personal account, then log in to the company's website using the username and password you indicated when creating your personal account. Then, in the Make a deposit section, select your preferred investment plan. In the space for amount below, type the amount you want to invest according to the preferred selected investment plan. Select “Spend Funds from Bitcoin” and then click "Spend". At the top of the next page copy the company’s bitcoin wallet address, and then go to your bitcoin account and send the indicated amount to the company’s bitcoin wallet address. After which you will copy the transaction hash and return to the same page on the company’s website. Paste the transaction hash in the space provided for it below, then type your username in the space provided for payer account, and click “Save”
How do I open my Rainbow Global Wealth Account?
It's quite easy and convenient. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Register".
How can I withdraw funds?
Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.
How long does it take for my deposit to be activated?
Deposit activation is after the three block confirmations on the bitcoin network, and this doesn’t exceed 12 hours in which your deposit will be activated.
How can I change my e-mail address or password?
Log into your Rainbow Global Wealth account and click on the "Account Information". You can change your e-mail address and password there.
What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?
Click forgot password link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive your account information.
Can I do a direct deposit from my account balance?
Yes! To make a deposit from your Rainbow Global Wealth account balance. Simply login into your members account and click on Make Deposit and select the Deposit from Account Balance .
Can I make an additional deposit to Rainbow Global Wealth account once it has been opened?
Yes, you can but all transactions are handled separately.
What is the minimum amount to withdraw?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.
Do you charge any fees from withdrawals?
No, there is no withdrawal fee applied to your withdrawal requests.
After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my ecurrency account?
Withdrawals are paid within 24 hours of request.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile.
How can I check my account balances?
You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.
Can I create several deposits?
Yes it can! But we don't allow multi plans working in same time because it will effect your instant withdraw function in our system!You can make multi deposits in same plan and it is accepted.
Can I change the upliner?
No, you can’t change the upliner. A user who has invited another partner has the right to get a commission for life from all of that referral’s deposits.
Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes, our referral program is a great way for everyone to earn, you earn up to 10% commission of all amounts deposited by every investor you refer.
Are active deposits required from me before I can earn affiliate commission?
No, no active deposit is required to earn commission as an affiliate.
Who manages the funds?
These funds are managed by a team of Rainbow Global Wealth investment experts
I can't find the answer to my question.
Write us with the help of the form of"Support" or [email protected]
I don't receive emails from the company! Why?
Check the spam folder in your mailbox. If the problem is not solved, contact your email provider. We strongly recommend that you use the service to work with the website.
How can I check my account balances?
You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.
How can I cancel a payment?
You can do it yourself in the Withdrawals History section by clicking [cancel].
My withdrawal request is processed, but the amount did not get in my Bitcoin wallet. Why?
All cryptocurrency transactions are processed after 3 network confirmations. Just wait a little bit.
How can I contact you in case of problems on the website?
You can contact us around the clock via the support form or email [email protected]://Rainbow Global Wealth. We will promptly respond to any problems.
Do you charge any fees to withdraw funds?
No, our clients do not have to bear any fees while withdrawing their funds.
What do I need to do to earn referral commissions?
You just need to register and use your referral link to attract new investors.
Do I need to have own deposit to receive referral commissions?
No, own deposit is not mandatory.